Student practicing violin

Private Lessons

Weekly violin and cello lessons run from September through June and are either 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length depending on your child’s age, attention span and skill level. Parents are expected to attend private lessons, take notes and act as the “home teacher” in daily practice sessions. A camera (phone) is also helpful in recording photos or videos of correct set up, instrument hold, bow hold and posture to refer to at home.

For violin and cello you will need an instrument that is the correct size for your child, a bow, a case, rosin, a lesson book and a pencil! You will also be assigned sheet music of the appropriate level as you progress. Violins and cellos are available to rent or purchase from the new Long & McQuade Duncan location. 


Lesson fees are:
$35 / 30 mins – recommended for beginners/young children
$52.50 / 45 mins – intermediate level
$70 / 60 mins – advanced/teenagers


A lesson schedule and invoice will be provided at the beginning of each term for the number of lessons in the term.
Fees will vary depending on term length and school holidays. 

Fall – September to December
Winter – January to March
Spring – April to June

The calendar will follow school schedule and there will not be lessons during school holidays (winter and March breaks) and stat holidays. 

Group lessons

Join our wait list for the new session of beginner group classes in September, 2024.